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Lasik Treatment

Am I Suitable?
If you wear glasses or contact lenses, its very likely that you can benefit from laser eye treatment.

Ultralase have solutions for:

  • short-sight
  • long sight
  • astigmatism
  • reading glasses (presbyopia)

The latest developments in our technology mean that 91% of the people we see are suitable for laser eye treatment or one of our other treatments.

Even people who were considered unsuitable a few years ago can now benefit from enhanced techniques today.

The only way we can tell for certain whether laser eye treatment is right for you is to come to Ultralase for a FREE consultation.

The test is comprehensive, free, and there is no obligation.

To book your consultation, please complete the Request an Appointment form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment that's convenient for you.

Or call us now on 441 232 3937 (232-EYES)

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First, a thin flap is created. Next, the laser is applied. Lastly, the corneal flap is replaced.

LASIK is an abbreviation for laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis and is a procedure whereby the outer surface of your eye (the cornea) is delicately reshaped using a laser to improve your focusing ability.

LASIK is the most popular laser eye treatment method, routinely performed throughout the world. LASIK is carried out without the need for a general anaesthetic, as eye drops are all that’s required to prevent any pain during the treatment.

Your eye surgeon delicately creates a thin layer of corneal tissue on the front of the eye. This layer, the corneal flap, is then lifted to expose the middle section of the cornea. The laser treatment is then applied to remove a pre-calculated amount of corneal tissue and the flap is gently eased back into place. Treatment is usually performed on both eyes at the same visit, and you will be in the treatment room for about 20 minutes.
lasik diagram

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